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Curriculum Development


IES provides relevant instructional materials tailored to meet the needs of the client. These materials include:

  1. Five (5) session course to instruct the business client in proper Chinese etiquette and survival language skills

  2. Five (5) session summer institute offered to educators to raise knowledge of Asian culture

  3. Five (5) session course to provide adoptive parents of Chinese children with knowledge of Chinese culture, customs, and survival language skills

  4. Development of video or DVD language/cultural instructional series



Visiting and working in China will present a set of circumstances that may confuse and baffle the first time visitor to China. Knowledge of Chinese customs and etiquette will help the business traveler to feel confident and will impress your Chinese hosts with your cultural savvy. FORTUNE COOKIES™ will introduce the language, customs, and culture of China in bite-size pieces that will prepare the first time visitor for the culture shock of China.

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