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Fortune Cookies ™

A Taste of China

An Online Video Series

Developed by Mary Goetter, Ren Tong, and  Ron Mennenga

Traveling and working in China can often present situations that confuse and baffle the first time visitor. Knowledge of Chinese customs and etiquette will enable both business and casual travelers to feel confident as well as to impress their Chinese hosts with their sophisticated manners.

Show Concept:
Fortune Cookies ™ is a series of short videos (approximately 5-10 minutes each in length) originally conceived in 2006 and designed to introduce the language, customs, and culture of China to American business travelers and casual tourists in bite-size pieces. Essentially, the goal of Fortune Cookies™ is to inform, educate, and entertain the viewer.

Each episode features a short comic sketch focused on a cultural faux pas and the humorous results for our hero, Ron, the American business traveler in China. Viewers are introduced to everyday situations through Ron’s point of view and learn how to survive as well as enjoy their experience in China.

The tone of the show is informative yet light and relaxed so that the viewer is inspired, not overwhelmed. The hook of the show is the humorous outcome that could be avoided with basic information provided by the Fortune Cookies ™ episode.



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Business Etiquette

Dining Dilemma

Chinese Counting

Restroom Dilemma


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Each episode of FORTUNE COOKIES ™ A Taste of China features a short comic sketch focused on a cultural disconnect and resulting consequences for the uninformed foreigner in China.

Viewers are introduced to everyday situations and learn how to survive and enjoy their experience in China, acquire basic Mandarin language skills and Chinese character recognition.


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