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                                                   Junior Achievement China Trip-2015: Seminars



Family and Friends Tour at The Great Wall 2013


Family and Friends Tour at The Summer Palace Beijing 2013



Hutong Visit Beijing 2013



The Penn Girls 2013



Three Sisters in Suzhou 2013




Mary Goetter    Tibet 2008


                                                                                                                     Georgetown University Student in Bangladesh  2009


Beijing   Qingdao

The Great Wall   Beijing China   2007


Painting Demonstration   Qingdao China   2007

Xian   Mt. Tai

A Terra Cotta Warrior   Xi'an China   2007


Mount Tai   China   2007


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You can click here to learn more about our 2015 Junior Achievement Trip to China






Steve :


I had a great time in China, with many firsts and interesting and educational experiences. I’m so glad I got talked into a new and exciting experience; I would never have done it if Mary Goetter and IES hadn't provided the opportunity.



Mary :

Our trip to China was truly the trip of a lifetime, a wonderful adventure and experience. The history and knowledge gained was amazing. The lessons you sent preceding the trip filled us with anticipation and excitement. You worked so hard and planned so well. It was perfect.


Charlene and Mark :

Mark and I have a whole new understanding of the country and its people. I try to describe what I have seen and learned, but I know I am only giving the briefest glimpse of China to others. It must be seen, and breathed, to even begin to appreciate the country and its people.



Gary and Debbi :

Gary and I were thrilled to see The Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Forbidden City, and Tian'an'men Square. I would now say seeing Nanjing-Suzhou and Shanghai, riding the Mag Lev train and going up in the Oriental Pearl Radio/TV Tower are  "not to be missed" sights.   


Mark :

I have been thinking about so many wonderful memories of China and its people, and I wanted to say thank you for all your work and love to let us share in a trip of a lifetime!


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