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An Innovative Approach to Chinese Sister Schools

Who We Are™ facilitates classroom to classroom interaction with the Chinese sister school through the exchange of student produced videos.

Students of all levels can participate in the development of a customized video designed to share with grade level counterparts at the sister school in Shandong Province. As students advance in grade levels they will maintain the sister school connection through the production of a new video each school year.

Students will create 3-10 minute original videos using a pre-designed curriculum template that is consistent with the State of Connecticut’s Framework K-12 Curricular Goals and Standards.

Video topics include: How We Learn, How We Play, Favorite Foods.

Who We Are™ provides the technical and cultural knowledge needed to develop a self-sustaining video exchange program for your school and can be adapted to the school’s curriculum needs.

  • Teacher Training/Professional Development
  • Student Workshops
  • Turn-Key Video Projects






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